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Attention All PayPal Merchants...

What's The MOST SECURE Way to Process PayPal Payments Over The Internet, WITHOUT Worrying About Internet Thieves Stealing Your Products?

Don't Fool Yourself - Most HTML Encrypters DON'T WORK!
(This is not an HTML ENCRYPTER)

Did you know you are losing tons of money probably everyday? If you're using PayPal, chances are, you're being robbed blind and you don't even know!

Using PayPal to sell a Digital Product is a HUGE PROBLEM!

Don't Get Me Wrong...

PayPal is a great way to accept payments on your website. I use it on many of my sites for the convenience of not only accepting payment for my products, but for the convenience of my customers. So many people are using PayPal to exchange money on the Internet.

Over 80 MILLION people are using PayPal right now!

That's great, but what you might not know is... if you are accepting PayPal and selling a digital product, you are exposing yourself and your product to the WORLD.

Read This Closely...

By nature, PayPal is not perfect. Heck no company is. They have quite a major flaw in their method of giving you your link code to sell your products.

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